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Example Infographic


I designed this infographic for a blog post I wrote.  It incorporates visual interest through statistics, graphics, and color.

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 Example eLearning module  (Compliance annual refresher training) – Blood and Order


Screenshot 2016-09-01 14.04.46We all know how challenging it can be to produce compliance training year after year and keep it fresh and engaging!  Here is a fun story-based interactive program I created.  I developed the storyboard, wrote the script, coached the voice talent, edited the narration and designing the slides and interactions using Articulate Presenter.

*Please note that due to proprietary reasons, the Juror Resource book and attachments are not active in this demo.

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Example Participant Handout – Positivity Playbook


This was designed aa a downloadable user guide and template to help people learn and practice techniques to focus on the positive and appreciate “Everyday” Joy.

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Example Learning 2.0 Site – Blood 101


Screenshot 2016-08-23 12.06.08Here is an example page from a Learning 2.0 Blood 101 site.  I designed it in WordPress and HTML.  It is an interactive page that incorporates visuals, content, Captivate roll over interaction and reveal table.

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 Example OJT Technical Training Materials


Rather thanScreenshot 2016-08-28 13.40.24 require a “soup to nuts” approach and deliver training on an entire process, I designed the On-the-job technical training system to address bite sized chunks of content, or tasks and enable the trainers to qualify staff specifically on certain tasks much quicker.  This criterion-referenced instruction was delivered to individuals or small groups on-the-job.  We provided the trainers with 3 key documents to support the process.  1) Lesson Plan, 2) Trainee Skill Block (handout) 3) Assessment.

Click Here – to view the Lesson Plan used to ensure consistent delivery.

Click Here – to view Handout printed for each Trainee

Click Here -Assessment document.  This ensure consistent demonstration of skills required.  For skill-based tasks, these were designed as performance observation checklists, but not only were the action steps listed, the performance criteria  for each step was included.Click Here to view the Skill Block printed out for the Trainee



Example website and graphics design

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.28.26


I personally designed this entire website including all of the visual elements (graphics, logos, flash interactions, etc.)  Tools used included WordPress, HTML, SnagIt, Adobe Captivate, Power Point, and Divi theme.







Example Marketing Video


Here is a fun “explainer” video I created to market a woman’s retreat.  It uses music, animation, color and graphics to convey the brand.









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