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Negativity saps the energy of your organization and diverts critical attention from work and performance. Studies show that employees have a much higher level of engagement and productivity in a positive work environment. They are more creative, have better problem-solving skills and are more resilient.

While there are several character traits that make leaders successful, there are a few specific core traits that help those leaders promote a positive work environment. The key “Positivity promoting” traits are:

• Fairness
• Kindness
• Honesty
• Hope
• Forgiveness
• Modesty
• Curiosity
• Creativity
• Zest
• Humor
• Bravery

If you combine those traits with essential leadership skills such as effective communication and change management, you will be well on your way. Here a few ideas of actions that you can take right away to start building and supporting an environment of positivity.

Be visible and available to staff.

  • I know we are all busy, but don’t stay and work behind closed doors or always behind a computer screen for that matter. Walk around, check in with staff. A friendly greeting and sincere conversation on a personal level goes a long way a to make you more available for those times that staff may need to come to you with a problem or question.

Express gratitude

  • Giving specific feedback to staff on projects is always important, but you can go further and acknowledge and thank people for the little things they do to make the workplace a little nicer or someone’s job easier. So many times we save up our praise for major accomplishments, but it can be even more effective if you recognize and thank staff for the little victories along the way that lead up to overall success.

Try to provide several positive interactions throughout the day.

  • It takes 3 positive interactions to counter 1 negative interaction. This is especially the case in boss to staff interactions. Think about your communications, emails and feedback. Are they positive? Do you focus more on weaknesses or strengths? Boost your positive interactions so that positivity always outweighs the negativity.

Leverage your top 3 “Positivity promoting” character strengths listed above.

  • Sometimes it takes courage to be a positive leader. It may take curiosity and a sense of humor. Whatever secret sauce you bring to the workplace, you can make the most of the combination of those character traits to promote and support a positive work environment for you and your staff.

Jill Drummond
Positivity in Practice